The dictionary defines a home as the “place where one lives permanently”. The word “home” conjures up in the mind’s eye the place where one’s belongings are arranged exactly as they wish. For some, it brings to mind the people one is glad to return to at the end of each day.

It just seems that no matter where one is, or how much fun one is having, it is impossible to relax completely until you put your keys in the lock and turn the key, entering into the place you refer to as home.

For me, home is where I take on the role of mum after a hard day at work, and where my kids eat their meals at the beginning and end of each day. Home is where I can settle my kids in their beds and relax, knowing that they are safely tucked in for the night. Home is where I can curl up on my sofa at the end of a long day, enjoying the feeling that the day’s work is done, savouring the minutes or hours before bed, relishing the feeling of utter relaxation that sweeps across me, putting off the thought that tomorrow is a day to do it all over again.

Home is definitely where my heart is.