Little people 

My daughter was given a school assignment which involved creating 3-dimensional models  and dressing them for different weather conditions. Mind you, my daughter is 6 years old. This was a ‘science’ project but spelled ‘arts and crafts’ to me.

Completely clueless as to how to embark on this seemingly lofty project, we spent several days researching ‘how to make 3-dimensional figures’ on the Internet. Our search yielded no useful results, apart from a premium craft project on Twinkl. I wasn’t prepared to pay for it, especially since we weren’t completely certain it suited our exact needs.
So our Internet search continued. We looked into origami figures, and considered this very useful YouTube video:

Eventually, we considered making paper mache sculptures, and that led us to the idea of paper clay. Wikipedia had a very useful article on this. We had to substitute silicone for household filler, and petroleum jelly for mineral oil. These figures were then sculpted from the resulting mixture:

We let them dry for a couple of days, until they were rock hard, and then  painted them yellow with acrylic paints (they were already yellow, but we painted over them to try to make the colour uniform).

After that, we used foam sheets and other random materials to dress them up (sorry the background isn’t great).

This is the final product:

We both breathed deep sighs of relief once the project was completed. It was time-consuming, but was also quite interesting. Given the mix of products that we used to make the models,  I’ve had to concede that maybe it was a science project after all.

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